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Your wireless network is a critical component in keeping your staff working together and working effectively. As workforces become increasingly mobile, they need on demand access they can trust to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and make decisions faster.

Our Onsite team can help you maintain a comprehensive, secure wireless solution. With Onsite experience behind your wireless network, your staff in the field and other remote users can work faster and smarter without decreasing productivity or increasing costs.

The Onsite team provides a variety of wireless services including:

bullet iconIntegration and Implementation
Whether transitioning or just starting out, our skilled staff can manage a seamless wireless implementation, allowing you to focus on your business. Whether coordinating setup of servers, consulting in policy & procedure creation, or migrating users to new devices, our staff has experience with multiple providers and can turn your wireless network into a useful tool that provides access to critical resources.
bullet iconDevice Management
Installation & configurations, account administration and management, and remote hardware problem resolution are just some of the ways that Onsite can monitor and maintain your wireless tools to keep users working productively any time, anywhere.
bullet iconTechnical Support
Personalized support provides quick resolution to your mobility problems. Our staff can provide support from Help Desk and trouble tickets to 1-on-1 training sessions and troubleshooting documents, all custom fit to your exact needs.
  Onsite by MCA knows that you value your time. We understand the importance of keeping you connected internally, as well as with your staff in the field and on the road. In these days of tightened budgets and heightened demands, you need investments that RIM Blackberry offers increased productivity and improved communication by integrating email, phone, and calendars. Real time handheld-to-handheld communication, placing phone calls while reading e-mail, and viewing attachments are just some of the capabilities of this powerful tool.

Coupled with our services, you can take advantage of all standard Blackberry features as well as create customized, scalable enterprise solutions to help your staff make the most of their time. We've trained hundreds of individuals on the use and benefits of RIM Blackberry and created individual programs to suit our customers' needs.

Let Onsite work for you
  • Wireless program administration, enterprise server management and technical support for your LAN/WAN
  • Customized application development
  • Personal, one-on-one training sessions
  • Customized troubleshooting documents
  • Manage all user accounts & integrate e-mails
  • Coordination with all major service providers
  • Features

  • Email at your fingertips
  • Wireless phone
  • Calendar
  • Web browser
  • Conference call managing
  • Full integration with Microsoft Outlook & Lotus Notes
      Whether building your network from scratch or scaling existing systems, Onsite by MCA takes the hassle and confusion out of Network Administration by providing seamless installations, individual device configurations, security assurance, and on-going maintenance.  
    bullet iconIntegration and Implementation
    You may only need skilled professionals to migrate users to new systems or integrate solutions into your current infrastructure, or you may need a logical network designed and constructed. Whatever level of network implementation suits your needs, Onsite has trained technicians capable of providing you a hassle-free networking experience.
    bullet iconSystem Management
    Installation, configurations & management of system software, timely support of server and peripheral software issues & upgrades, and troubleshooting server-side hardware and software issues are just some of the services available to manage network systems and resolve problems
    bullet iconUser Management
    Our full range of User Management services include account administration and management, implementation & maintenance of remote access capabilities, and traffic monitoring, to name a few.

    bullet iconSecurity
    Onsite can help you create and deploy the most up-to-date security policies, and keep your systems safe with end-user restriction setting, anti-virus service monitoring, and firewall configuration and management.
    bullet iconTechnical Support
    Personalized support provides quick resolution to your mobility problems. Our staff can provide support for quick isolation and resolution of specific user problems. From Help Desk and trouble tickets to 1-on-1 training sessions and troubleshooting documents, all our services are custom fit to your exact needs.
    Sophisticated technology that allows timely connections with your customers is essential to grow your business. Unfortunately, with increased accessibility and exposure, comes increased vulnerabilities. Onsite's security evaluation, implementation and monitoring services protect your systems from unwanted users and network threats. Onsite by MCA works to protect and ensure a secure, fully-functional network. Our cost-effective range of security services keep all of your users secure and prevent noncompliant systems from infecting your infrastructure.

    Let Onsite work for you

  • Provide assessment services, optimization tools and improvement capabilities
  • Configure secure VPN, wireless, and PDA connections to ensure compliance
  • Determine & manage network vulnerabilities and establish strengths
  • Establish permissions, restrictions, and backup & recovery plans
  • Provide comprehensive, integrated and scalable solutions in one complete package
  • Services
    Network monitoring Firewall configuration Anti-virus software installation
    Application security Rescue/backup disk service Accessibility control services
    Workstation/PDA security

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