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bullet icon PC Check-up
bullet icon Installation
bullet icon Home Network
bullet icon Backups
  PC Check-up
Our most requested services are packaged to give you the best value and get your computer working at peak performance
bullet iconDiagnosis
bullet iconPC Clean-up
Run a diagnosis, re-install your OS, implement basic system repairs, undo your "accidents", and recommend system upgrades
bullet iconPC Optimizer
Run a diagnosis, back up your current data, purge the nasties and then recommend and install protection software to keep your baby healthy
  Take your PC from frumpy to fabulous. Need your new system set up? Or are you adding the latest video card, memory, software, or printer? Call on us to get your system up and running smoothly.  

bullet iconComputer Setup
Full setup of computer hardware, peripherals, and additional software. We'll even adjust the system to your favorite settings
bullet iconHardware Installation
Install and test additional RAM, floppy/CD/DVD drives/burners, hard drives and other key components.
bullet iconSoftware Installation
Install and configure new software or previous software on a new system
bullet iconAdd-a-device
Connect and configure scanners, printers, cameras, and specialized equipment.
Ensure proper operation with your OS.

  Home Network
  Rule your own domain from the comfort of home.  
bullet iconNetwork Setup
Design and implement your network; integrate systems, shared folders and peripherals; install and configure firewall protection. (up to 3 machines)
bullet iconResource Sharing
Setup valuable resource sharing of files and peripherals in your existing network.
bullet iconFirewall
Recommend, install, and configure powerful firewall security in your existing network
bullet iconAdd-a-Computer
New addition to the family? We'll set up your computer and integrate it with your current network system
  Backup / Migrations
  Back up your critical data and burn to CD or migrate data from a previous system and install on a new PC
Our expert wireless technicians can help you with all levels of wireless solutions
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